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Education in Zimbabwe



The education system in Zimbabwe consists of 7 years of primary schooling and 6 years of secondary schooling before students can enter university, college, or other institutions of higher learning. The following is the breakdown:

Primary School (Junior School):
    * Grades one to seven.
Secondary School (High School):
    * Phase 1: Form one and two (also known as Junior Secondary)
    * Phase 2: Form three and four (leading to O Level (Ordinary or GCE level) exams)
    * Phase 3: Form five and six (leading to A Level (Advanced level exams))

Primary languages: English is the language of instruction and one Zimbabwean language (either Shona or Ndebele) assigned by each provincial headquarters.

Types of schools: 1) Government public schools, 2) Church run schools, 3) Private schools, and 4) Religious private schools (other than Christian ones -e.g. Jewish and Islamic schools).

The academic year in Zimbabwe runs from January to December. It has three month school terms which are broken up by a roughly one month holiday prior to each term. This translates to about 40 weeks of school per year.

Primary School (Junior School) System in Zimbabwe

The minimum entrance age to the first year of primary school, known as Grade 1, is 6 years old. Thus a child is expected to enter his/her first year of high school (Form 1) at 13 years old. These were government established standards. Schools, particularly private schools, are very liberal in applying them. Their priority is largely on the performance of each child. It’s thus common to find children of varying age groups throughout the schooling years.

The seven years of primary schooling culminate in four national Grade 7 examinations in Mathematics, English, Shona or Ndebele and Content, which is a combination of topics in sciences and social sciences. The Grade 7 examination results determine which secondary schools (high schools) students qualify for.

Secondary School (High School) System in Zimbabwe

O Level (Ordinary level) exams are prepared by the the Ministry of Education, Sport and Culture. They are marked by the Zimbabwe Examinations Council in conjunction with the University of Cambridge international "O" level system.

"O" level subjects offered in Zimbabwe include:
Sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Physics with Chemistry, Integrated Science, Mathematics;
Liberal Arts: English Literature, Religious Education, Geography, History
Business and Commerce: Accounts, Commerce, Economics, Computer Studies
Languages: English, Shona, Ndebele, French, German, Latin
Arts: Art, Music
Practical Subjects: Woodwork, Metalwork, Agriculture, Technical Drawing, Fashion & Fabrics, Food & Nutrition

"A" level or Advanced level examinations in Zimbabwe are prepared and marked at the University of Cambridge in UK. "A" level results are required for application to University of Zimbabwe and many other British schools, Zimbabwe’s main former colonial power.

However they are not required outside Zimbabwe and UK. Other countries consider O Level (GCE level) results. Additionally, in other countries A level results can be used to apply for exemption from applicable college and university courses once admitted.

"A" level subjects offered in Zimbabwe include:
Business and Commerce: Management of Business, Economics, Accounts, Computer Science, Statistics
Liberal Arts: English Literature, Shona/Ndebele Literature and language, Geography, Divinity, History
Languages: English, Shona, Ndebele, French
Arts: Art, Music
Sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Further Mathematics

Higher Education in Zimbabwe (college and university level)

Transition from lower to higher educational levels is determined by the performance of each student in national examinations at the end 12. This is particularly so for government colleges and universities. They are highly competitive due to the few spots they offer.

The entry of private colleges and universities has brought more opportunities to many deserving students that failed to make it into highly competitive government universities and colleges. The only catch is whether or not they can afford to attend the private institutions of higher learning. Institutional accreditation and recognition is by the Ministry of Education (of Zimbabwe).

Universities in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwean universities offering undergraduate degree and postgraduate degree programs in different academic fields.
    * University of Zimbabwe, first & largest public university,  in Harare, Bulawayo, Victoria Falls
    * National University of Science and Technology (NUST), Bulawayo (public university)
    * Africa University (AU), in Mutare (private university)
    * Midlands State University (MSU), in Gweru (public university)
    * Bindura University of Science Education (BUSE), in Bindura (public university)
    * Chinhoyi University of Technology, in Chinhoyi (public university)
    * Great Zimbabwe University (formerly Masvingo State University), in Masvingo (public)
    * Catholic University in Zimbabwe (private/church university)
    * Zimbabwe Open University (private university)
    * Women's University in Africa (private university)
    * Solusi University, Bulawayo, (private university)
    * Lupane State University (public university)

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Some Primary and Secondary Schools  in Zimbabwe

Below are some primary and secondary schools  in Zimbabwe that are known to have a website or web presence:
Mashonaland East Provincial (State) Area:
    * Marondera High School
    * Peterhouse Group of Boarding Schools, Marondera
    * St Thomas Aquinas (Secondary School), Wedza
    * Watershed College, Marondera

Mashonaland West Provincial (State) Area:
    * Chinhoyi High School
    * Lomagundi College, Chinhoyi
    * Sandringham High School, Norton
    * Kutama College (boys' high school), Zvimba

Bulawayo Provincial (State) Area:
    * St. Patrick's Christian Brothers College, Bulawayo
    * Falcon College, (all boys' private high school), Esigodini, Matabeleland South
    * Hamilton High School, Bulawayo
    * Mzilikazi High School
    * Mzilikazi Primary School

Harare Provincial (State) Area:
    * Eaglesvale Secondary School
    * Ellis Robins School, Harare
    * Emerald Hill (for deaf children)
    * Gateway High School
    * Harare International School
    * Mount Pleasant School (now Joshua Nkomo High School)
    * Prince Edward School
    * St George's College
    * St. John's High School (Harare)
    * St. John's College (High School)
    * Vainona High School

Manicaland Provincial (State) Area:
    * Nyanga High School, Marist Brothers, Nyanga

Masvingo Provincial (State) Area:
    * Chasiyatende High School Address: Private Bag 9261, Masvingo.
    * Chekai High Schoo Address: Private Bag 247, Masvingo.
    * Chongogwe Secondary School Address: P.O.Box 16, Masvingo
    * Gokomere High School Address: Private Bag 9213, Masvingo
    * Makombe Secondary School Address: P. Box 100, Masvingo
    * Mushandike Secondary School Address: P.O. Box 1344, Masvingo
    * Mushawasha West Secondary School Address: Private Bag 9150, Masvingo
    * Mutendi High School Address: Private Bag 9151, Masvingo
    * Ndarama High School Address: Private Bag 9010, Masvingo
    * Nyabata High School Address: P.O.Box 68, Masvingo
    * Dinhe Secondary School Address: P.O.Box 61, Mwenezi, Masvingo.
    * Mabhare Secondary School Address: Private Bag 9129, Mwenezi, Masvingo
    * Chimbwembwe Secondary School Address: Private Bag 124, Zaka, Masvigno
    * Chinorumba Secondary School Address: P.O. Box 207, Zaka, Masvingo
    * Chinyaradza High School Address: P.O. Box 236. Zaka, Masvingo
    * Chiromo Secondary School Address: Private Bag 109, Zaka, Masvingo.
    * Chitonhora Secondary School Address: Private Bag 9153, Zaka, Masvingo.

Matabeleland South Provincial (State) Area:
    * Falcon College, (all boys' private high school), Esigodini, Matabeleland South South
    * JZ Moyo High School,
    * Plumtree School (Since 1902, boarding school)

Midlands Provincial (State) Area:
    * Midlands Christian College
    * Thornhill High School,
    * Regina Mundi High School,
    * Kwekwe High School

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Grading System

Grading System in Secondary Schools:
A = Distinction
B = Merit
C = Credit (minimum pass mark)
D= Satisfactory (considered satisfactory yet below pass mark)
E = Fail
U= Unsatisfactory

Grading System in Universities:
A+ = Distinction
A = Distinction
B+ = Meritorious
B = Very Satisfactory
S = Satisfactory
C+ = Definite Pass
P = Pass
C = Bare Pass
CP = Compensatory Pass
D+ = Bare Fail
D = Clear Fail
E = Worthless



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